Tuesday, April 28, 2015

0 Taurus Horoscope For May 2015

This month begins with the sun in your sign joined with Mars. This wonderful combination would normally increase your drive and determination you get things done, and I hate to sound like Mr. on Fantasy Island but there is danger! The sun forms a transformational angle towards Pluto.   This could mean changes are about that could affect you deeply and emotionally. If you're the type of Taurus that is open to changes in this could be a good thing for you, but if the overwhelming restlessness that you felt throughout the year so far- actually for the last three years-has been something you found hard to embrace, and I encourage you to still be open, because some sort of evolution in your world is going to force the issue anyhow. Until this is sorted out, any other changes you try to make in your home to try to distract yourself or your family or to sugarcoat a deeper situation like re- decorating a room or re- painting your garage... any little thing like that- you're basically going to draw more attention to the situation that needs attention.  Hey don't kill the messenger, you wanted a big family now you got it ha ha ha ha! You're used to being more in control of your environment and you're known for creating an atmosphere thats very welcoming to your extended family and friends, but the reality is life isn't that perfect, you can always have the perfect home, the perfect life. No one at all times can be the perfect host or attend all the evnts that go on. Or go on all the trips were invited to. You also cant afford be whimsical about any other plans that may get in the way of this important issue.  For instance this is definitely not a good summer to go traveling! Taurus, If nothing else, this month can be spent planning on having an awsome fall and winter. Not everyone gets to play in the sun all summer. Some of us will just have to sit this one out. Lets hope things are loking up next month! 

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