Thursday, February 5, 2015

0 A Special Message for Capricorns for February 2015

If you're reading this, you may have had a very hard few weeks. You are a very practical person. Knowing yourself from an astrological perspective is keen to your success as a resident of planet Earth. The sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are affecting you deeply right now.

 Understanding the nature of this reality will help you be who you really are. You have been capable since an early age of taking on a lot of external stuff that isn't yours to deal with and the problem with that is that you end up taking life a bit too seriously.

 Who are you?  ~Many times you take on a lot of responsibilities without remembering the goal in life is to not only consciously create success but to also have fun. You work yourself to the bone and take on a lot of extra responsibilities. You're very hard on yourself sometimes and you can get depressed.

 You have earned money from unusual resources, probably tied in with the arts, fashion, or music. You are what some call 'a creative' and are a visionary. You are also very psychic. This is why you have a lot of ideas that others consider brilliant. But deep inside you wonder yourself where they come from. 

You try to keep your feet on the ground and keep that practical perspective on life, but that psychic nature of yours keeps on coming in every now and again and the premonitions can become so strong that they may affect your ability to focus on the here and now and enjoy the special moments you yourself created. 

You are very much capable of affecting the outcome of many and manifesting dreamlike scenarios. But you worry too much about family and friends and it affects you physically, rendering you useless.  You are a dominant person when it comes to the domestic side of life, but this anxiety and need to control your enviorment can sometimes prevent you from experiencing true peace. The phrase,  "You are your own worst enemy" was most likely written about a Capricorn. 

 You probably have two different diet regimes going at the same time, one good and one not so good. The  health and wealth you seek may only be obtained when you leave the toxins in your life behind and truly start taking care of  'you.'

Venus is asking you to open your eyes to what's being revealed to you -- this is your life, take a hold of it.

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Capricorn, this is your song for the month. Remember to love yourself unconditionally but with humility and true gratitude for all the love that flows your way 

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