Thursday, October 30, 2014

0 Sagittarius Horoscope For Halloween 2014

Nor do I forget you-departed
Nor in winter or summer , my lost ones;
but most in the open air-as now 
When my soul is rapt and at peace-like pleasing phantoms 
Your dear memories-rising-glide silently by me 

Walt Whitman 

Capricorn in your sign this week stirs you to action, making you more aware of what you earn, your desires and practicality with money issues. The reward at the end of this month is adventures offered up your way that will be impossible to resist. What's more, with Venus lighting up the most opportunity laden part of your chart, now it the time to trust your instincts, reach out to new people, and explore improbable possibilities. By Halloween night and through the weekend, be prepared to take a journey inward though, your going to have a lot to think about and some push and pull situations with friends are at a point that you may be forced to take sides, at least remove yourself. Left in quiet reflection can be profound, don't fight it's just the undertow. 

One of my very favorite online astrologers is Nadiya Shah. She does a great love scope that I thought would be fun to include for this Halloween weekend~ 
( sorry link will not show from a phone! ) 

Another great astrologer I follow is Michelle Knight, she's like the mafia, even when she's wrong-she's right! 

Heads up Saggie's! And don't forget--your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you!

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