Wednesday, October 29, 2014

0 Libra Horoscope For Halloween 2014

My heart! I know that beauty must ail and die.
And will be born again --but ah to see 
Beauty stiffened --staring up at the sky! 
Oh Autumn! Oh Autumn! What is the spring to me? 

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Two eclipses have made October a bit of a bumpy ride. Put partnerships that have faced adversity aside for now; much of this will work itself out. Try to remain detached while keeping your eye on the prize. Mars in Capricorn will bring some really nice energy for this coming Halloween weekend, so enjoy it -- live in the moment and let the positive earthy energy do its magic and everything else will sort itself out. 

More on this positive earthly energy explained beautifully here with Michelle Knight~

Nadiya Shaw is another one of my favorite online astrologers -- she does a great 
'love-scope' every month. I know if I was single, I'd be both nervous and giddy as hell this Halloween. What a wonderful time to be alive. Social media allows us to share our holiday experiences instantly so the intense energies will be felt globally -- it's a great time to put aside daily struggles and embrace the child inside you by dressing up -- cheers, Libra -- and remember, you're almost famous - you're medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it - Sancho loves you!  

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