Wednesday, September 3, 2014

0 Virgo Horoscope for September 2014

The tree -the tempest with a crash of wood
throws down in front of us is not bar
Our passage to our journeys end for good
But just to ask us who we think we are 

Robert Frost 

~September 2014~

September may be uneven, but with blissful Venus well aspected in your birth sign, you'll find that your subtle but winning charm will be accented in a way that draws the right kind of attention. Avoid taking an uncompromising stand on the 9th, and be ready to take stock in your emotions when Mars forms a confusing aspect with Neptune in your relationship angle on the 22nd. Financially, your prospects will brighten as September winds down. 

This is my number one online astrologer. He even answered my message recently! Super nice man Patrick Arundell. He has a great Facebook page and an even more amazing website-here * that covers everything planetary and esoteric that you could dream of. Here's his horoscope for September

Michelle Knight is another youtube gem. Great and gifted astrologer! 

Nadia Shah is not only a great astrologer, but loves LOVE! Check out her monthly love horoscope for you-her regular ones are on her youtube channel-Here 

Remember always Virgo, your almost famous-your medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you! 

Here's your song for the month Virgo~ 

Keep calm, Selma Hayek is a Virgo

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