Tuesday, April 8, 2014

0 Aries Horoscope for April 2014

Happy Birthday Aries 

I walk in a pleasure of sorrow along the street
And try to remember you, slow drops patter
Water upon the lilacs has made them sweet 
I brush them with my sleeve ~the cool drops scatter
And suddenly I laugh and stand and listen 
As if another had laughed a gust 
Rustles the leaves, the wet spikes glisten 

Nocturne of Remembered Spring 
Conrad Aiken 

As most of mt readers know, this blog has been really hard to keep up with, I believe in astrology and I think it needs my full attention once I do start to keep up with the monthly horoscopes and on time! So for now I have a quick and somewhat serious reading and then I am sharing some readings from a few of my favorite online astrologers, enjoy and happy spring and remember, your almost famous-medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you!

APRIL 2014 

Your full of bright ideas this month, but don't expect your partners and associates to share your enthusiasm. Mars backward motion indicates that others will not be at their best, for reasons beyond their control. Two eclipses occurring this April indicate that your perspective will undergo a radical shift, especially regarding your future direction. Something going on at home should lift your spirits near the 18th, and aspects occurring on the 29th point to promising new financial arrangements. 

Now for the fun stuff! This is my girl for good news in the love dept! 

And this guy, like I always say-he is my voice of reason! 

and of course Michelle Knight-she is the best and so witty! 

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Here is your song for the month 

Robert Downey Jr. is an Aries 

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