Thursday, October 30, 2014

0 Capricorn Horoscope For Halloween 2014

I've taken my bows, and my curtain calls 
You brought me fame and fortune 
and everything that goes with it....
I thank you all
But it's been no bed of roses
No pleasure cruise
I consider it a challenge 
before the whole human race 
And I aint' gonna lose! 
( and I need just go on and on and on ) 

We are the champions, my friends 
And we'll go on fighting till the end
No time for losers 
'Cause we are the champions
...Of the world! 


0 Sagittarius Horoscope For Halloween 2014

Nor do I forget you-departed
Nor in winter or summer , my lost ones;
but most in the open air-as now 
When my soul is rapt and at peace-like pleasing phantoms 
Your dear memories-rising-glide silently by me 

Walt Whitman 

0 Scorpio Horoscope For Halloween 2014

The morns are meeker than they were 
The nuts are getting brown 
The berry's cheek is plumper 
The rose is out of town 
The maple wears a gayer scarf 
The field a scarlet gown 
Lest I should be old fashioned 
I'll put a trinket on 

Emily Dickinson 

Happy Birthday Scorpio!  Your love life should be taking an encouraging turn this weekend. Like any Scorpio true to character, you will be savoring every moment of this birthday month and celebrating properly! It's as if the universe itself has bestowed all it's  positive energy and directs it to you. It's been a really intense 2 year for Scorpios where you've felt limited in many far we're blaming Saturn, red wine, and France. It's been easy for you to slip into these little depressions and it's so unproductive and sooo 90's, do the zen thing and meditate-don't medicate-and you can single handedly end this crushing cycle. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

0 Libra Horoscope For Halloween 2014

My heart! I know that beauty must ail and die.
And will be born again --but ah to see 
Beauty stiffened --staring up at the sky! 
Oh Autumn! Oh Autumn! What is the spring to me? 

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

0 Virgo Horoscope for September 2014

The tree -the tempest with a crash of wood
throws down in front of us is not bar
Our passage to our journeys end for good
But just to ask us who we think we are 

Robert Frost 

0 Aries Horoscope for September 2014

There was a little girl 
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead
when she was good, she was very very good 
but when she was bad she was horrid

Thursday, May 22, 2014

0 Happy Birthday Gemini! The Evil Twins of the Zodiac Strike Again!

That yellow bastard Pluto will wreak havoc on everyone this month, but you will get noticed and you will be damn sexy as you get fish slapped! I usually write my own intros to the online astrologers I share, but this one from Cafe Astrology I came across is great -- I couldn't have said it better myself. If you are able to open youtube links on your phone then great, you can watch these short but informative videos. If not, don't worry, you should either be in jail or have a new laptop by, say, mid-August! I'll explain later. These are the most dedicated astrologers online, and I completely trust them to advise you as to how the stars, moon, and planets affect your being. Have a great birthday, try not to get arrested in a foreign country, and remember... you're almost famous, you're medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it -- Sancho loves you! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

0 Cancer Horoscope for April 2014

and spring arose on the garden fair
like the spirit of love felt everywhere 
and each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of it's wintery rest

Percy Shelley 

It's almost time for the blood moon, and of all signs I expect the Cancers will be the most sensitive. I am needless to say, staying clear of all Cancers I know or at least truing not to piss them off! So we start with a brief and somewhat serious reading for the month, followed by some readings from a few of my favorite online astrologers. Remember Cancers, grumpy or not-your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it...Sancho loves you! 

April 2014 

With Mars out of sync, you may have the feeling your not gaining ground or getting a grip on personal or professional affairs. Two eclipses make April a tricky period, but with the solar eclipse occurring in the part of your chart pertaining to goals and associates, unexpected developments near months end are going to shift your focus in an entirely new direction, And with Venus in your travel angle, even brief getaways promise to be spirit lifters. 

And now for the fun stuff! Nadia's Love Horoscopes are some of the best I've read

And Patrick Arundell is so precise and to the point-I count on his accuracy so I hope this brings you as much clarity as it did for me. And don't forget to check out his Facebook page and website

Michelle Knight is so insightful! I trust her completely!

Your song for the month

Liv Tyler is a Cancer

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

0 Gemini Horoscope for April 2014

Listen-the wind is still
and far away in the night 
see-the upland fills
with a running light 

Open the doors, it's warm 
and where the sky was  clear 
Look! The head of the storm
That marches here-

Come under the trembling hedge
fast-although you stumble
Therre! Did you hear the edge of winter crumble? 

Spring Thunder by Mark Van Doren 

As most of the people who follow Xanaland know, it has been increasingly harder for me to keep up with this blog, with 20 other blogs, I mostly feel like someone  who is dedicated to astrology and is on top of all we humans need to know about the planets and how they affect us daily shoul take this blog over, because I just don't think one monkey can do it all on his own! Thank you to all who follow us though, and remember your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it-Sancho loves you! 

April 2014 
With Mercury on a collusion course with Pluto, even the best laid plans are going to run into snags. Whatever occurs around the 15th, remember it's all about learning now and not clinging to rigid agendas. With heavenly Venus at the top of your chart, not only are you bound to succeed in the way that count, your popularity is on the rise. The solar eclipse on the 29th is all about private time, blissful escapes, and reconnecting with yourself. 

This is the man I call my voice of reason-be sure to check out his Facebook page, and website-he does it all and is completely dedicated to bringing people closer to knowing themselves. 

Michelle Knight is smart, sexy, sassy and never off when it comes to her predictions! She also does weekly horoscopes so be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel! 

and last but not least Nadia Shah, a brilliant person and astrologer who I am gaining much trust in! 

Here is your song for the month! 

Angelina Jolie is a Gemini 


0 Taurus Horoscope for April 2014

Of late, eternal condor years 
so shake the very heaven on
with tumult as they thunder by 
I have no time for idle cares 
through gazing on the unquiet sky 
And when an hour with calmer wings 
its down upon my spirit flings
and my heart would feel it to be a crime 
unless it trembled with the strings 

Edgar Allen Poe 

As most of my readers know, I have had a hard time keeping up with 20 blogs! I really hope to give this one the special attention it deserves someday, for now here's a short and fairly serious preview for the month of April 2014, followed by some videos of some of my favorite online astrologers. Have a wonderful summer, and remember your almost famous-medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you! 

April 2014

With the sun in the most private angle of your chart, let others fight their battles. Mars backward motion in your work angle indicates that delays and frustrations may be thwarting your progress so focus on whats going on in your romantic and social lives, because Venus in Pisces is in your favor. What's more, by month's end, you'll be able to smooth out the wrinkles and get your relationships back on track. 

Now for someone who's forecast are really positive, here is her ' love ' scope for February, be sure to check out here channel to see the regular monthly and be sure to subscribe to her channel 

And this guy, I call him my voice of reason for a good reason! in 2 years he's been on spot for me! 

Witty and never beating around the bush and absolutely adorable, Michelle Knight is one of those women you think, " I wish I knew her " I trust her completely! 

Here is your song for the month

Shakespeare was a Taurus 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

0 Aries Horoscope for April 2014

Happy Birthday Aries 

I walk in a pleasure of sorrow along the street
And try to remember you, slow drops patter
Water upon the lilacs has made them sweet 
I brush them with my sleeve ~the cool drops scatter
And suddenly I laugh and stand and listen 
As if another had laughed a gust 
Rustles the leaves, the wet spikes glisten 

Nocturne of Remembered Spring 
Conrad Aiken 

As most of mt readers know, this blog has been really hard to keep up with, I believe in astrology and I think it needs my full attention once I do start to keep up with the monthly horoscopes and on time! So for now I have a quick and somewhat serious reading and then I am sharing some readings from a few of my favorite online astrologers, enjoy and happy spring and remember, your almost famous-medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you!

APRIL 2014 

Your full of bright ideas this month, but don't expect your partners and associates to share your enthusiasm. Mars backward motion indicates that others will not be at their best, for reasons beyond their control. Two eclipses occurring this April indicate that your perspective will undergo a radical shift, especially regarding your future direction. Something going on at home should lift your spirits near the 18th, and aspects occurring on the 29th point to promising new financial arrangements. 

Now for the fun stuff! This is my girl for good news in the love dept! 

And this guy, like I always say-he is my voice of reason! 

and of course Michelle Knight-she is the best and so witty! 

Remember to subscribe to their channels! 

Here is your song for the month 

Robert Downey Jr. is an Aries 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

0 Aquarius Horoscope for February the Month of Love and a 2014 Overview

2014 is the year to broaden your horizons and fly the friendly skies, Aquarius. The emphasis is on long-distance travel, philosophy and all forms of conscious awareness. If you've been hiding out at home, this is the year to get packing. Unprecedented adventure awaits. Life is sure to take you on some important journeys (literally, figuratively or both) on the quest for revealing the kind of mind-blowing truths that can only come from direct experience. You'll have Mars firing up your house of travel for the entire first half of the year and quickly joined by the North Node of Fate in March. Wanderlust and travel fever could easily become daily themes, especially during the first half of the year. If you're not able to physically travel, opt for activities that expand your mental and spiritual horizons, even if that means learning a foreign language or furthering your education.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

2 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Being A Half Ass Monkey But Were Afraid To Ask

I know what your thinking, you think you know all about my mischevous behavior and why I do the things I do, but you my friend like The Beatles, are wrong! I must say though,  I do miss this little writing gig.