Monday, November 4, 2013

0 Capricorn Horoscope For November 2013

I'm starting out the month right by starting with Capricorns because for one, they are the most brilliant sign, and secondly, they've had it the hardest lately but this is about to change! 

Now as you all know, our in-house astrologer Sancho the Half Ass Monkey Boy has been on strike and in short, not in the mood to give out half-ass advice, so we have found the best online astrologers to guide you through the stars....

This guy is who I always check in with first. Be sure to check out his website and Facebook page for up-to-the-minute news and important goings on in the universe!

I'm loving this gal! And according to her, things are really looking great for Capricorns this month! 

And this brilliant and beautiful woman speaks from the heart and will never guide you in the wrong direction. She's been switching it up a bit also and only doing weekly readings, which is just fine with me -- she's never wrong, and has a keen memory of what your past months have been like and how this affects you today...

* The link does not want to upload so you will have to click on it and go to youtube: 

Here is your song for the month: 

Rod Stewart is a Capricorn 

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