Saturday, October 19, 2013

0 A Special Message for Aries from Sancho

Not so much a special message as an apology, since I actually forgot to upload the blog with your horoscope this month, but let's face it, the monkey has done worse things! So here's what you missed, a special love horoscope, let's see if it was accurate...

And also one of my favorite astrologers, Michelle Knight, does a weekly horoscope so let's check in with her, there's only one day left, but reflecting on all that happened is important, and she happens to be an Aries!

And as a bonus, here is your November horoscope from the guy I look to first, he also does weekly so check out his Facebook page to see how the last week of October is going for you

 And as a bonus here is your November Horoscope 

Her is your song for the week Aries....  See you in November and I hope you're having a wonderful fall, just remember money isn't everything, everyone is struggling so keep up the determination and hard work! 

Lady Gaga is an Aries

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