Friday, September 20, 2013

0 Gemini Horoscope for September 2013

All the Gemini's I know are very lucky people at the moment, I just hope whatever your endeavor's are that your successful and have a great fall and are 3 of my very favorite online astrologers, take their advice seriously...they mean business! 

see what I mean? take her advice, she works hard to make sure people understand that these planets and stars mean business! 

This guy is awsome, be sure to check out his facebook page for daily news and his website for private readings and a slew of other interesting astrology news

and this woman is wonderful, she also does yearly and weekly 
horoscopes, here is your horoscope for the last week of September

Gemini, keep being awsome, and remember...your almost famous, your medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you! 

Here is your song for the month: 

 Jefferson " The Bee Charmer " Angell is a Gemini 

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