Tuesday, September 24, 2013

0 Gemini Horoscope for October 2013

Well, the dreadful summer is finally over, it's time for fun ghoulish stuff and for holiday cheer, and as most of my readers know, the monkey long ago abandoned his idea of writing these himself, so instead we found the best online astrologers to get you up to date, enjoy and have a great October! 

This woman is becoming my favorite, especially since she did these cool love horoscopes for October! 

and her regular monthly reading....

I really love this guy too, I look to him first to see what's going to happen in the month, be sure to check out his website, blog and Facebook page also for up to the minute planetary activity! 

This woman was my favorite until she started singing at the end of her readings, still she has some great information, and although lengthy, is a smart woman, just needs to stop with the singing! 

Here is your song for the month: 

Lenny Kravitz is a Gemini 

0 Leo Horoscope for October 2013

I was in love with a Leo once. It was horrible. But not as horrible as not knowing what the hell is going on in their mysterious heads. Here are the very best online astrologers to enlighten you. Have a wonderful October Leos! 

0 Virgo Horoscope for October 2013

Virgo, you're so vain... you probably think this entire blog is about you. Did I mention a Virgo broke my heart? So needless to say I can only push the monkey so far when it comes to writing horoscopes, we have "issues."  So, instead I have found the best online astrologers around.  Learn something, enjoy, and have a great October! 

0 Libra Horoscope for October 2013

Libra's and I are getting along a lot better these days...still, the monkey has no time for astrology. So I have found the best online astrologers around. Enjoy and have a great month! 

0 Scorpio Horoscope for October 2013

There's something about Scorpio's I love, they are so mysterious. 
Have wonderful October and enjoy these readings by some of the best online astrologers. 

0 Sagittarius Horoscope for October 2013

It feels like I have not done much for the Sagittarian's in my life. And with the monkey refusing to write horoscopes I have had to search far and wide for the best astrologers. Here they are! 

0 Cancer Horoscope for October 2013

Since most Cancer's are chode's and tend to stress the monkey out, we usually don't even get around to sharing any readings, but I suppose even chode's deserve a second chance. These are the best online astrologers and so I really really hope all my Cancer friends take their advice. 

0 Aquarius Horoscope for October 2013

Did I ever mention that an Aquarius broke my heart? But that's not why the monkeys on strike. He's just too sensitive to absorb all these issues of everyone's and also these astrologers are really good, if anything we would be holding out vital and maybe life changing information by not sharing these with you. 

0 Pisces Horoscope for October 2013

Well, Pisces can't be doing any worse than Capricorn's, as most of our readers know, the monkey has been on strike for months. So I have found some really good online astrologers to share with my readers. 

0 Capricorn Horoscope For October 2013

Capricorns just cant get a break, I'm sort of glad poor Sancho isn't having to deal with writing these this month. As most of my readers know the monkey has been on hiatus, so here are the 3 best online astrologers, good luck to me and my fellow Capricorns, were gonna need it! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

0 Leo Horoscope for September 2013

I've dated a few Leo's and you guys are alright in my book! 
The following are links to the best 3 online astrologers, 
please take their advice to heart. 

0 Gemini Horoscope for September 2013

All the Gemini's I know are very lucky people at the moment, I just hope whatever your endeavor's are that your successful and have a great fall and winter...here are 3 of my very favorite online astrologers, take their advice seriously...they mean business! 

see what I mean? take her advice, she works hard to make sure people understand that these planets and stars mean business! 

0 Taurus Horoscope For September 2013

Well Taurus, if your reading this it means you survived the Harvest moon, and Sancho survived his trip to jail! 
These are the best online astrologers, listen and value their knowledge, they really know what their talking about! 

Monday, September 16, 2013

0 Aries Horoscope For September 2013

Aries Is a sign that confuses Sancho, so I really can't apologize for his refusal to write your horoscope! I think you'll be much happier with the astrologers I have found online. They are unique but each one has proven to be totally accurate. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

0 Capricorn Horoscope For September 2013

As most of you know, our in house monkey astrologer has been refusing to write the monthly horoscopes, so I searched high and low, and found the best online astrologers I could. They are unique in their style, and I just know your going to love them and get the insight you need to have a fabulous month! 

0 Scorpio Horoscope For September 2013

As most of Xanaland's readers already know, the monkey has been on strike all summer, and refuses to write horoscopes. Fear not my friends! I have searched far and wide for the best online astrologers and I feel confident that you will agree!