Wednesday, August 14, 2013

0 Aries Horoscope For August 2013

Aries, I'm about to tell you what I have to explain to 11 other signs, I have no time for astrology and the monkey is on strike until further notice, so I have searched high and low for the best online horoscopes, and whala! I found 3 wonderful astrologers, please take the time if not now, soon to listen to each one, because I did for each and every sign, these are the beast at what they do and dead on accurate, from what I have observed over the last year. 

this guy is straight and to the point: 

 and this woman is just wonderful, she really has a gift for seeing the future...

you do have the power to push through, oh feisty one, so 
remember that your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Sancho loves you! 
here is your song for the month:

Selena was an Aries

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