Wednesday, May 8, 2013

0 Virgo Horoscope For May 2013

                            A man doesn't have time.
                            When he loses he seeks, when he finds
                            He forgets, when he forgets, when he loves
                            He begins to forget
                            And his soul is seasoned, his soul is
                            very professional.
                            Only his body remains forever an amateur.
                            It tries and it misses, gets muddled, doesn't 
                            learn a thing. 
                            Drunk and blind in it's pleasures and its pains
                                                                  Yehudi Amichai

    Virgo, A nice collection of cosmic bodies in your solar ninth house grab a hold of you and giver you an adventurous spirit this month.

 This stimulates your need to break out of a rut or a routine.
 It's a perfect time for a getaway, and this energy will follow you in your career or work place, whatever is your passion you will have plenty for it.
 This energy tends to hit you at this time of the year, it's very interesting when we look at the cycles in our lives, it is also a good time to take a look back to a year ago, and ask yourself " Did I reach the goals I wanted to and did I give it my best?" Virgos abhor irrational behavior so not meeting a goal to you is something you don't easily forgive yourself for. 

  This summer you have the adventure bug and you may even meet up with one of your more eccentric or exotic friends and go on a real adventure, be prepared for anything! 

Mercury the planet of communication goes into this expansion of its nature creating this thirst for adventure. This is also your ruling planet, you are truly the sign that lives in the world of the mind and you love it when your mind is stretched and hate it when it is not, when someones company or conversation is not ' up to par' with your savvy and witty and unlimited knowledge of " life" ( can you tell I've dated a Virgo, yes he was how you say ' out of my league' we'll leave it at that ).

 You also like to share this knowledge but remember not to be too blunt as you go into this month, you may be out of your comfort zone and end up  insulting the wrong person, so be gentle with that big head and soft on the not so gifted. Not everyone is as brilliant as you so try not to piss off the wrong person! It's not like you to be so outrageous but I'm just saying that energy is out there so be careful, find people that fascinate you yet are like minded and grounded and you should be just fine, don't be like Pee Wee was in the bar in Pee Wee's Big Adventure in other words...and don't act like you haven't seen the movie ( if so shame on you! )

Venus the planet of love is in your career house, so you should be falling passionately in love with your job or career, if you are trying to start up a business or are in school you will get a new found lust for learning and producing, if you work in the service industry you should be getting employee of the month in other words! 
You may even look at a job out of town or out of the country, there will plenty of passion for you all over the map! 

The new moon in the middle of the month is about a continuation of a cycle you have not completed in regards y to learning ,and I do mean in the philosophical sense, a new moon is a great time to do self examination in what it is that you yearn for, what is it your mind is craving in it's expansion and how you are growing. 
We also have an annual solar eclipse so people will be noticing your glow and your new sense of adventure will attract friends that have been waiting for you to get it together all winter!
Soak up the sun from the super full moon on the 25th, it will give you an idea, a dream or a new energy to make home changes you may have put off. 
Finally Mars gives you to make the final move in your career or job, school plans to assure you will have one rocking summer! 
Let me tell you, this is the best horoscope I have done this month so far, and I plan on calling every Virgo friend I have and try to get some of this awsome energy rubbed off on me! 

  That being said, not that YOU need reminding, but as always...Just know that you are almost famous, medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana laves you!
                                                              Yours Truly, Sancho

Your song for the month:

George Jones was a Virgo

And just for old time sake....

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