Tuesday, May 14, 2013

0 Taurus Horoscope For May 2013

                             Those lips that loves own hand 
                     did make.
                     Breathed forth the sound that 
                     said " I hate "
                     To me that languished for her sake
                     But when she saw my woeful state
                     Straight in her heart did mercy come
                     Chiding that tongue that ever sweet
                     Was used to giving gentle doom
                     And taught it thus anew to greet
                     " I hate" she altered with an end
                     That followed it as gentle day
                     Doth follow night, who like a fiend
                     From heaven to hell is flown away
                     " I hate " from hate away she threw
                     And saved my life by saying " not you" 
                                                            William Shakespeare 

    The month begins with a cluster of energy in your sign. Mercury will bring to light things that did not seem achievable, and you may now have the extra energy to complete previously impossible goals. Saturn lies in wait though, aligned with Mars and can somewhat limit your self esteem, you may get somewhat disheartened and feel frustrated, but this will pass.

A solar eclipse on the 10th conjuncted with Mercury will allow you the ability to see things more clearly, to think on your feet and to be more imaginative, possibly even starting things from scratch, as new beginnings are going to be emphasized for the next 6 months. So those early frustrations early in the month will begin to fade away and you can start to build up momentum once more.

Also on the 10th Venus your ruler moves into the sector of everyday finances and almost without fail when this happens it does trigger an improvement in finance, but there is more than this, but by the end of this month Venus is going to be combining with Jupiter, the planet of plenty so you really may get a surprise in the cash department! There is nothing trivial about it and it is rare that I can actually say that and mean it so start checking the mailbox in a few days! 

It is how you cease the opportunity that will tell just how much of a good thing this is and that's really important. If you really want to use your creativity and utilize all your talents including one you may have forgotten you even had, this also can represent finding something lost of value that can spark your creativity. Just remember you must think also about your core values, it's not always about the money. 

The lunar eclipse on the 25th in Sagittarius and this one is complicated because it clashes with Neptune which is in a super idealistic part of your horoscope. 

I would say anything to do with friends and money wont go particularly well, not only this month but in the next 6 months. So just be conscious of that. So if your creative idea or big vision includes your best friend , your lover, or a family member, than forget about it! You may even find yourself in some kind of moral dilemma, just be realistic that business and money issues can break down even the best friendships. 

You may finally get a reward for all this confusion at the end of the month when the sun forges a nice bond with Uranus, so if all the drive and passion you feel has really been invested in a very structured way and been directed in a very positive way, then you will be left at least with the satisfaction and the knowledge that you did your very best to achieve this. Never give up on yourelf or on your dreams... and remember you are almost famous, your medium gorgeous and gosh darn it Xana loves you! 

                                                         Yours Truly, Sancho

Here is your song for the month:

David Byrne is a Taurus


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