Friday, May 3, 2013

0 Pisces Horoscope For May 2013

                         Asleep , awake, by night or day
                         The friends I seek are seeking me
                         No wind can drive my bark astray
                         Nor change the tide of destiny
                                                                             John Burroughs

    Pisces, your so easy going, you tend you get taken for granite, that you always will be easy going, so be quite clear about your feelings if you feel strongly about something, because your goals over the last few years have been put off, you have helped others at the expense of your own goals, and this is not the time to be coy! 
For many of you, career and or family matters have been unsettled and evolving due to sudden changes and things have maybe gotten stagnant. It's like when your mom let's your weird uncle move in and somehow 3 years have gone by and he's still in your basement! 

This month you receive the final cosmic push towards your new beginning. The lunar eclipse on the 24th can bring the recognition or the culmination of an important project. May for alot of people will begin with a hectic and maddening pace, after the world events of April, I think everyone sane is doing alot of re thinking about who they associate with and asking themselves some serious questions about what they value in life. This can certainly reach a boiling point around the solar eclipse on the 9th, so watch out! You are reaching out to others and are enjoying the connections you are making, and many of you are all fired up over a new or renewed personal interest. 

On the 10th there is a wonderful new moon that will help you to articulate your feelings in the following 6 months better than ever before, because of it's conjunction with Mercury. Your going to gain some boldness, so go with it, instead of saying " fine" when asked how you are, say, " fine, but there is something we need to talk about" stop sweeping stuff under the carpet, give yourself some nuance and stand up for yourself. Then Venus comes into play, Venus is the planet of love and affection for sure but also of the
aesthetic so you may be moving re decorating or gardening, so take this time and make it count, because the end of the month, that yellow bastard planet Pluto that has been bamboozling us all, the Uranus aspect is similar to one that lasted 5 months for you last year, this is not an easy time and will last for 7 months, this is about you wanting to have the friendships in your life and be going in the direction that you want, but it's making you more idealistic, it may not be obvious to you, but over the last few years, your goals have somewhat changed it may be subtle to you, but it is now forging a difficult angle around Uranus regarding your finances, one thing about Pisces is that you can get easily swept along because you want to think the best of people, so just be conscious that someone could disappoint you.
Be inventive and creative about your approach, especially when it comes to where you lay your head. Also listen to your 6th sense, if you get a job offer that's too good to be true, it probably is, And always Pisces, remember, your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 
                                                 Yours Truly, Sancho

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George Harrison was a Pisces....

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