Saturday, May 4, 2013

0 Libra Horoscope For May 2013

                    The cage bird sings with a fearful trill
                    Of things unknown but longed for still 
                    And his tune is heard on the distant hill 
                    For the caged bird sings of freedom 
                                                               Maya Angelou 

     This month begins with a collection of energies all in the part of your horoscope that has to do with getting beneath the surface, digging in the dirt, and yes, much will be revealed and there will be disappointments... don't act surprised, you can be quite pessimistic and judgmental, Libras can be the opposite of what they represent, fairness , when the planets are just right, or wrong I should say, you will see through this but be prepared for disappointments in business, deals falling through, stuff of that nature. 
On the 2nd when Mercury moves into this area, this is great because it is ' all revealing' it is a great time for doing research, tracking down information, getting to the bottom of things. It's Saturn that is lying in wait that works in the area of your every day cash, is shining back across the heavens in a very dower and restrictive way as it faces up to both Mars and Mercury and the rivets really could come out- things could fall apart and it may be totally out of your control, what you need to do is stay cool, because no matter how bad it seems, redemption is coming. 

On the 10th a stunning solar eclipse will then embrace Mercury and suggest that your ability to think logically, be that pillar you are know for being, is going to be hugely important in the coming months and into the year, whatever seems beyond you, won;t seem so dire by the end of the month.
   Libra, I must tell you, it's the same for almost every sign, no one is exempt from the horrors of that yellow bastard planet Pluto, so there is going to be small conflicts, The Pluto square is affecting us all, so your not alone. Give yourself permission to get rest, your nervous system is bound to be affected, if you do not take vitamins and eat healthy and drink lots of water, then you should start now! 
Now, realize when a horoscope says you will travel, clearly we cannot all afford rock star vacations, but if you get the chance for even a short journey-take it, it could be very magical time you, placing you around like minded people that will bring your straight out of your funk. And remember always Libra, your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 
                                                    Yours Truly, Sancho 

Here is your song for the month:

Snoop Dog is a Libra


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