Saturday, May 11, 2013

0 Leo Horoscope For May 2013

                               I stand amid the roar
                    Of a surf tormented shore
                    And I hold within my hand
                    Grains of the golden sand
                    How few, yet how they creep
                    Through my fingers to the deep
                    While I weep, while I weep
                    O God can I not grasp
                    Them with a tighter grasp?
                    Oh God cannot I not save
                    One from the pitiless wave?
                    Is all that we see or seem
                    But a dream within a dream?
                                                         Edgar Allan Poe

                   Being the grandest member of the zodiac must be sort of like being king of the jungle, you are determined to get your voice heard this month and naturally everybody should be completely attentive towards you. But there are times when your talents and good qualities go unnoticed and in general taken for granite. 
This can be profoundly frustrating and leave you feeling like your romantic fantasies will remain dreams forever. This may make you outspoken about your feelings to put it gently,  because Mars is in a very assertive scope all throughout the month in your horoscope, this is however complicated by Mercury and Mars being apposed by the strict powers of Saturn. 
There may also be demand put on you that you now realize you are not either physically, or emotionally ready for.  The responsibility may be too much at this time. You may not want the recognition that comes with a new promotion or may be getting too much pressure put on you to extend yourself to a family member and it can very much a cramp your style. Perhaps you just want to carry on in your own sweet way. 
The solar eclipse gives us all this sort of second chance to make a more rational choice, so just stay cool honey bunny!

 Saturn is still going to be there and the universe is saying to you, It can't all be about naked ambition and chances are that the choices you made in the last year are laying the groundwork for the karma that you must live out now and the cycles you must complete. 
The next 6 months you can change this, you really do not need the attention and you seek as much as you need to maintain your sanity, remember that self pleasure comes in self respect most of all, so don't lose yourself in the moment and realize you don't have a quick escape. You must face this head on.
 Children always get in the cross fire so if you are doing too much to please other people you may end up harboring resentments even with the children in your life, we all know that as much as we love lour friends and family, no one can screw you like them either! The most painful conflicts are those with our loved ones..
 So beware of family drama and if you are prone to emotional breakdowns and/ or anxiety then be sure to pamper yourself  and get plenty of rest. This sounds like something your grandma would say, sure, but think about it, you cant misbehave in your sleep! 
Uranus and Pluto, that yellow bastard planet, have had a incredibly hard influence on us all, do not let anyone put your finances in a risky situation. Hang on to your hat and your money Leo's! You are gonna need it! And last but not least, remember you are almost famous, medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you!
                                                                   Yours Truly, Sancho

Your song for the month: 

Robert Plant is a Leo

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