Friday, May 31, 2013

0 June Horoscope For Taurus

As for those chilly orbs on the verge of creation 
Where sunshine and smiles must be equally rare
did they want a supply of cold hearts for that station
heaven knows we have plenty on Earth we could spare
Thomas Moore 

There is a paradox in many Taurus peoples attitudes, on one hand you can appreciate what's very natural and simple in life, but then you can certainly appreciate the more decadent things in life as well. And either of these sides of you, either element can rule your decisions as your ruler Venus the planet of communication enters your horoscope. 

Now this can give your personal expression a new alluring zip that it has needed ( could be a new phone or laptop! ) 
You also need to be aware though that Mars is going to be squaring up with Neptune at mid month, this is a very tricky angle, it could be a financial deal with a friend falls through or a investment your were advised about just didn't pan out, and part of the problem could be that you can't get to the bottom of what they really feel.

 Some real deception could be brewing so nip it in the bud, everyone knows that friends and business don't always mix and can actually ruin friendships so make smart choices and be on guard for these kinds of situations, this continues in your horoscope through the month as Mercury goes face to face with Pluto, now some people do not consider Pluto a real planet, but believe me it's influence in completely undiminished.

 It's a very potent force and its about transformation and power itself and that yellow bastard planet will bamboozle you if you are not careful! As Venus then goes toe to toe with Pluto you may find yourself locking horns once again this time even using charms to get you on their side, if you dive in you may end up getting hurt as well. 

There really is so much of this that has become a cycle for Taurus, when you think of procrastination there is more to it than putting off trying a new recipe, you may want to try a new method of communication. Your old defenses could be becoming such a part of you that they may be coming off as excuses to the person or people that your bucking heads with. 

Embrace the things you love doing and let go of old ajendas that you don't really have a real purpose in or that do not really serve your future the way you may have thought they did. If you want to be loved up and be close to people you only need to be yourself, maybe what you thought you need you really don't need...Just remember your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 

Yours Truly, Sancho 

Here is your song for the month: 

Joey Ramone is a Taurus 

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