Thursday, May 30, 2013

0 June Horoscope For Aries 2013

Great Oracle, sleeping through the centuries
Awaken now at last And tell us how to save us from ourselves
Lawrence Ferlinheti ' To the Oracle at Delphi ' 

There's a vibrant energy coursing through your veins at the moment, revving up your curiosity and your eagerness to learn, to travel and to be in touch with various people. Mercury faces the powerful energies of Pluto. Venus also moves on the 3rd into this homely area.

 This can heighten your sense of sensitivity. You may encounter someone in the first couple of weeks of this month that does not seem to understand where you are coming from around a profoundly personal or sensitive issue, and with Uranus continuing to clash with Pluto this month, just be conscious of any kind of power struggle or people trying to restrict your sense of individuality or freedom. 

Now as Venus moves on it too goes face to face with Pluto. If you come into contact with someone that seem's to have a mesmerizing aura about them, don't just fall into this relationship without any careful thought, it could be possible this could be someone who could enjoy all the benefits of getting to know you but then disappear. 

In any relationship, the one that holds the power is going to be strongly under the astro mircroscope and the influence of many planetary oddities so beware! 

Jupiter and the sun move into your horoscope mid month, Jupiter is the the planet of expansion and sets up a 12 month occupation, this could mean a move or an addition to your family and this could and give you some much needed fresh ideas and a new perspective. 

There is also a full moon on the 23rd which links with Saturn the planet of restriction and a property issue could cause you some concern, inner family politics especially where there is an age gap, you just are not on the same page possibly with the only family member that can help with a financial issue, trust me I have been there, and hate that! It always seems more like an old grudge or control issue. 

At the end of the month, the sun goes opposite of Pluto so prepare yourself for possible conflict. A lighter month is ahead and a great summer if you can resolve this power struggle. 

You know Aries, I never got around to your May horoscope, for one because I was deeply saddened to not hear from not only one but 3 of my Aries, ( you know who you are ) and two, because I have not felt good myself.

You get to the universe what you give, so if you ignore the people you care about or judge them over rumors, then you will always be the one missing out. Just something to keep in mind when your wondering why your purple aura is fading, still...your medium gorgeous, your almost famous, and gosh darn it Xana loves you! 

Yours Truly, Sancho 

your song for the month: 

Billy Holiday was an Aries 

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