Friday, May 31, 2013

0 Gemini Horoscope For June 2013

Her soul in division form itself
Climbing, falling she knew not where
Hiding amid the cargo from a steamship 
Her kneecap broken, that girl I declare
A beautiful lofty thing-or a thing 
Heroically lost, heroically found 
William Butler Yeats 

You can start this month feeling very upbeat, summers here and there is much unfinished business form last month, this spark of energy in your persona can draw some great energy to you.

Mars is in your sign for most of the month and the great asset of this to you is that it's going to give you extra drive, some extra physical vitality which is a vital thing to have but there is a bit of a catch, because between the 5th and the 10th.

 Mars is going to be squaring off with the planet Neptune and it can add quite a draining influence, now If I remember correctly you went through this a bit last month, what can you do put forge forward, the sun is out so waste no time sinking into bad habits that come with long lazy winters, get out there and live! 

If you are having to interface in business with someone you may not completely trust yet there may be friction and things still may not move at the pace you want. 

The new moon on the 8th gives you a break from the daily grind and you will have a chance to show your natural and creative side, this could be an oppertunity to show your stuff so be on your best behavior with anything like overeating and in general you really need to baby yourself, because you may be the only one that can the way you truly need it at times. 

Then Venus moves and aligns up with Mercury your ruler in your sector of everyday finances, this usually means an upsurge of some kind in your income, now I don't want to sound like Cosmo or anything but this does usually mean good fortune with money, but if it has anything to do with a legacy or family watch out because there may be squabbles, because Mercury is going to go face to face with that yellow bastard planet Pluto. 

Perhaps its a power struggle within a business situation and it can get freaky as Venus then goes into opposition with Pluto and  you may find yourself attracted to someone that you don't even really like or you may find yourself caught up in something that's a bit heavy, a bit deep and very passionate, and if you feel you need your senses stirred in this kind of intense way maybe looking for immediate intimacy ( that's the nicest way I can put it )  and you are doing it responsibly then go for it  I say! 

As the month ends were back to focusing on your immediate resources, getting what you need to get by and pay your way in life, and with all those big ideas you have your going to need a lot money or monkeys, I'm fine with either one! 

Damn Hippy's....

The full moon at the end of the month will have you asking some serious questions about your life, particularly as it forges an angle with Saturn this does not need to be a bad thing but is suggesting that some restructuring is needed or you may need to adopt a greater sense of reality. 

Jupiter, the planet that has been with you for the last 12 months moves out of your sign and bids you farewell, if you have not been passive and have put some muscle into all these plans then you may see the results of this work in the next 12 months, the planets can only guide you, that free will is the little devil that gets you behind on all these important tasks. Jupiter throws out random pieces of both good and bad luck so your willpower and discipline is very can't drink to forget everything! 

Gemini, you can have a great life, just be more realistic, money isn't everything, after all your almost famous, your medium gorgeous and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 

Yours Truly, Sancho 

Here is your song for the month:

Stevie Nicks is a Gemini

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