Friday, May 3, 2013

0 Capricorn Horoscope For May 2013

                   When you have withdrawn yourself and 
                   the magic, when only the smell of your
                   love lingers between my breasts, then, 
                   only then, can I greedily consume your
                                                    Maya Angelou 

          Now most Capricorns are prepared at all times for great times that turn into bad times. So this month will be no different! You have a reputation for being almost stoic and quite serious at times, but the truth is as Capricorns get older they develop an even better sense of humor and that combined with the reverse aging thing that only Capricorns are famous for, well I think Capricorns will pull through this summer just like the rest! 
Still my little goats, pleasure, love and creative expression continue to figure in strongly for you this month, Romantic relationships can be stimulating and possibly over stimulating at times, so this is  not the time to make long term commitments, but if you resolve to enjoy yourself in the moment, this can be a magical, spirit feeding, pleasurable time in your life. The solar eclipse on the 9th can affect you in a number of different ways , as it occurs in your sector of romance, hobbies, creativity, basically all of the fun stuff. 
The eclipse acts to usher in change and new beginnings in one or more of these areas, and your life may feel like it's been turned upside down, but in a very positive way, I cant be positive but I do believe the universe is saying you are getting laid this month! What you do need to do is manage your time very carefully, and do not make promises you cant keep regarding work or you may get the feeling people are wondering if you can really pull this off, what ever your current ventures are, be realistic and others will follow suit, it's easier than it sounds, simply do not make any promises you cant keep. 

The solar eclipse combines with Mercury the planet of thought and talk, this will put a spring in your step, so the ideas you have really do have a fantastic platform, however Venus, Mercury and the sun move together forging a more practical part of your horoscope, one which is concerned with work, health, diet, fitness, your basic life organization.

 Venus however, will be your asset, especially if your dealing with someone who is hard to please, some diplomacy can definitely be to your advantage, but will you buy into this? Is someone stringing carrots in front of you and expecting you to hop along blindly? Again? Because an aspect is going to be repeated between two planets, Pluto in your sign, and Uranus in your 4th solar house, now this happened last year in June for 5 months, if you cast your mind to back to then, do you remember feeling very much confined and restricted? Well that yellow bastard planet Pluto is squaring with Uranus again, so you may go through the same feeling of being forced into a situation that limits your freedom. It's always difficult, it may be as simple as finances, none of us can control all of our lives, but the pressure can build up and so just be aware and try to avoid the people you know push your buttons. Is it worth the good sex, well maybe it is, that is for you to decide!

It really does remind me of the scene in Men Who Stare At Goats where George Clooney makes the goat drop dead form sheer will power, do not get mind fucked Capricorns, these difficult aspects can create an atmosphere of unreality, do not believe everything your told in the next few months, there may be a situation where you'd like to believe something someone says, but they may actually be telling you a complete pack of lies. These energy vampire are out there you know this so do not engage in activities with people who you know are likely to do this.

 This may event bring up some complex phobias for you, it is important that you realize whats really happening and that ' this too shall pass' and that you stay positive! After all, your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 
                                                              Yours Truly, Sancho 

Here is your song for the month:

David Bowie is a Capricorn

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