Friday, May 3, 2013

0 Aquarius Horoscope For May 2013

                   For we have thought the longer thoughts
                   And gone the shorter way
                   And we have danced to the devils tunes 
                   Shivering home to pray
                   To serve one master in the night
                   Another in the day
                                                      Ernest Hemingway 

  Home and family life are in strong focus this month, dear Aquarius.  Not just where you lay your head but who you consider to represent " home " to you, so both in a practical and an emotional context. Now also Mercury the planet of communication moves on the 2nd, but it's not particularly happy in this area, and infact before the end of the second week,  both it and Mars, also in this area, are in conflict with your co ruler, Saturn.

Now Saturn is your traditional ruler, its the side of you which is happy with convention and like to play by the rules, that understands that there does have to be some sacrifice, some sense of community and organization, but of course there is that other side of you which is ruled by Uranus which is much more playful, michievous, and innovative in the way decisions are made, a little more spontaneous. 
Now I'm going to be honest with you, there is a chance that something in your professional life can have a huge impact on your home life, there are going to be demands made on you that will force you to break promises.

 Here's the deal, you have been waiting for this moment all of your life, so who ever is putting demands on you, you may want to re assess that relationship, do your loved ones really support your dreams? This came up for you a couple of months ago, after that long hard winter, and a strange April for the entire world, what with all the violence, made everyone cling a little closer to their loved ones, but you cant run away from your true nature.

And after all you are putting all you energy into your career right now, so your home life is bound to feel foreign, and you may even feel grumpy and a bit off kilter around your own home. Even so, changes in your home life or dynamic are necessary, and be be a long time coming, and the solar eclipse on the 9th will give you almost limitless energy so just be sure its spent on the right people, who YOU want to be with not who you feel obligated to spend that precious time with. This is your life remember!
The last part of May is a favorable time for showing your new work if your an artist, or a presentation at work, it's once again your time to shine, so shine on you crazy diamond in the rough! And just remember, your almost famous, your medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves you! 

                                                         Yours Truly, Sancho

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Rick James was an Aquarius

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