Monday, March 4, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Libra

                 Oh give us pleasure in the flowers today
                 And give us not to think so far away
                 As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
                 All simply in the springing of the year
                                                      Robert Frost
Libra, you are ruled by Veuus the planet of love, how awsome is that? You have a mistique and lovely energy about you that does attract people to you because Vesus is always shining upon you. Relationships are one of the most important thing to you, your life's energy is your connection to others, your " Raison d 'etre" if you will.
There are many lessons in life we are meant to experience, things you are meant to learn to for your spirit and your soul to evolve. Astrologically, some of this is set in stone, our sun sign guiding our path to these important lessons.
Lovers of balance, your talents for mediating and encouraging diplomacy are some of your best traits, and you have actually after a much needed month of rebuild and peace, but you are being asked to extend yourself ( again ) to a loved one or friend to whom you have supported for a long time. This self sacrifice must stop.
It is essential for your peace of mind and for their personal growth. Pluto has been messing with everyone, that bastard planet has made it nearly impossible for those people you extend yourself to to get ahead and not get dragged down by others they may be assisting themselves. No matter, the universe is telling you that you must practice " tougher love" Not tough by anyone else's standards, use those diplomatic skills to be the bigger stronger person you already know you are, and say no with a smile and an offer to listen but not enable in any other way especially financially. You have had a rough last few years with up and down career changes so this year, in 2013 say no to this habit of rescuing others, now charity does start at home, you can help ny being maybe less judgmental and realizing everyone has their roles, live and let live should be your new motto!
Mercury in retrograde until the 17th is really telling us all to give extra detail to any contracts, check, check, and check again, I remember my grandma sitting there doing her bank balance, she still has the same checking account shes had since she was 16 at Bank of Santa Fe in New Mexico, she still and always has balanced her own check book, now a days we all rely on computers, maybe a bit too much so keep this in mind that Mercury retrograde is a bamboozler!
And last but not least, Venus is not letting you down this month, those amazing work ethics and some much needed fresh air, a little exercise is bound to lead you into someones arms, so enjoy yourself! And if all else fails, just look in the mirror and tell yourself, I'm charming, I'm medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana love me!

Here is your song for the month                                          Yours Truly, Sancho

John Lennon was a Libra

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