Sunday, March 24, 2013

0 April 2013 Horoscope For Gemini

Oh their breath is warm, and they smell like sleep
And they say they take me home
Like poppies, heavy with seed
And they take me deeper and deeper
                                                       Kate Bush

Gemini, your ruler Mercury the quick witted planet, completely controls your personality so the truth is,  no one has more great and charming ideas than you, your very inventive and your able to completely bamboozle your friends -outsmarting them and taking their ideas and making them work. The planets are all lined up for you and you will feel fairly peaceful. Then the planets kind of flip a script on you and you may change your plans again and  or to something that you had completely ruled out. 
If anyone should be writing this year it's Gemini's because you have had so many unexpected changes and family upsets in the last few years, what a story you guys could tell. The problem is Gemini's have the tendency to change their minds and be fickle pickles, you can't help it aye.. ( Insert Cheech Martin voice over )  2013 has alot more changes coming your way so prepare to maintain that strength that has carried you through when plans fail and take responsibility for yourself, let old debts go and start earning again, you can do it!

Gemini's do thrive on change though, and like every summer you will be feeling adventurous and
get the travel bug, so may as well get out and explore! The new moon on the 10th is all about new beginnings so like Leonardo said in The Titanic " Make it Count" Sorry guys-blame the moon!
There's someone who counts on you and you only for support and will be desperately needing you in the last part of the month., they seem to require a special brand of spirit lifting attention that only you can supply. This and your filled up social calender are going to be what sets you off so be careful to not wear yourself down trying to keep up. 
Your social life is going to have you being much more engaged than you have been with others, lets face it we all spend less and less time actually being ' with ' our friends., but those more obvious gestures and invites, well it's always flattering to get these invites, it's whats going on behind the scenes, some subtle undertones can actually be what reassures you and what can be helpful to your career, so assume every person you meet to be important, the man behind the curtain is at play. Now the universe is still ' putting you on the spot' , because despite all the extra attention,  you may find yourself feeling emotional and like your needs still are not getting met. If you have had anxiety in the past something can bring it back up, so be careful revisiting old issues with people, it's horrible to have stuff be brought up over and over, only you can prevent sewing circle style gossip.
if you have had addiction issues in the past , please be careful and reach out to someone if you start feeling squirrley.
Gemini, just remember when you look at your twin in the mirror
" I'm almost famous, I'm medium gorgeous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves me!"
                                                                                                               Yours Truly, Sancho

Here is your song for the month:

Prince is a Gemini

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