Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Virgo - February 2013

Virgo - February 2013

By the time the moon is full on the 25th you will once again be patting yourself on the back. Your perseverance is going to pay off, this may be the most creative and magnificent year you have had in years!
Believing in yourself has always been your strong point but that big heart leaves you vulnerable, it's time to finally cut ties with anyone and anything that is draining your resource's. This especially means your time and energy. Keep up your self belief, who do you really want to take forward with you into the next 5 years? You tend to hang on to people you have known a long time, even if you really have just grown apart, get them out of your life-they are draining you! Now get ready for a love revelation... This person you are thinking about night and day, don't feel guilty, the attraction may be a dance you have done with this person in another life, a kindred spirit, -it does have a soul message-it's important that you look at it and see the true message, and don't get caught up in modern relationship rules, basically, the stars are giving you a pass to do whatever you want this month...p.s. Yes, I am jealous.


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