Wednesday, February 27, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Scorpio

                There is a place where the sidewalk ends
                And before the street begins
                And there the grass grows soft and white
                And there the sun burns crimson bright
                And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
                Too cool in the peppermint wind
                                                              Shel Silverstein

All the precision in which you masterfully planned your future are going to be filled with disappointments and delays until the end of the month.This is a planetary bummer involving Neptune that will affect us all, for you it's socially. Things may get changed at the last minute, The most important thing is not over reacting, There is a chance that this can have an affect on your nervous system, so it's important to take really good care of yourself and stick to diet commitments and don't backslide into bad eating or other habits, this never helps anyone! Your willpower is challenged by that bastard planet Pluto, but you must be strong! You are also cautioned to be careful to commit in any relationship or flirtation you have been nursing, you could have an amazing connection with someone or you could be deeply disappointed. Do not try too hard to please anyone and you may be asked for financial help or to take on a responsibility that you cannot afford, Do not do it! If you indulge them, you take away their chance to take personal responsibility for their situation. Thank God the moon is going to somewhat make up for this on the 11th, this is your time to shine and showcase your talents, so do it with pizzaz! By the 17th, if you are still feeling unappreciated,restless and nervous, again, blame Pluto! This restless electric energy is universal-realize this is probably why there's so much revolution going on in the world, Uranus and Pluto ( this stated last year, go figure ) it affected all of us in different ways,but for you this can become physical. this can further affect your health and thus tolerance of other and even worse, delay projects further, because you are too run down. Simply be conscious of what and who cause stress in your life.The sun in Aries is asking you to come up with imaginative ways to restructure your life and strained relationships. Hey sugary scorpio's, take the time cause the lights are burning bright, what you need is just a little patience....

Here is your theme song for the month                                     Yours Truly, Sancho

Neil Young is a Scorpio 

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