Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Scorpio - February 2013

 Scorpio - February 2013

There are plenty of people lusting after you this month. Don't panic, your finally ready for this, and everything else the vibe of 2013 brings. Jupiter the planet of good fortune brings your communications easy, and brings you back to a sense of self-so find the magic inside yourself-look sex and death fearlessly in the the eyes and remember you were once immortal! As I was saying, mid month don't even try to hold back it's as if the universe is pulling you by the hand and shouting , " Come on let's play" , those playful qualities you have had to hold back for so long must come out! Your childlike spirit can be healed from a past pain that made you feel like you were not entitled to be playful and joyful, or have beautiful and pure connections with people, so today I say to you, that is the past my Scorpio friend, welcome to the future!

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