Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Saggitarius - Feburary 2013

Saggitarius - Feburary 2013

Don't you hate it when an astrologer tells you that your going to do something bad before you even do it? This happened to me two months ago.
It's kind of the same planetary influence, you imagine the worst- that you can't trust someone and it turns out to be all in your head. By the new moon on the 10th, it will all seem like a bad dream, later on you can blame the full moon like I do every month.... Unexpected connections forge a link to someone that will be very important in your future, so even though the home front may seem stable, inside you will be asking yourself, " Am I being truly supported by my loved ones" "Or am I settling for mediocre acceptance" , this someone or someplace you travel to will make you realize you have had the power all along. Click your heels 3 times, Sagittarius, your almost home!

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