Thursday, February 28, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Virgo

                          And then the day came
                          When the risk to remain tight
                          In a bud
                          Was more painful
                          Than the risk it took to blossom
                                                       Anais Nin

Vanity is definitely your favorite sin this month Virgo! Venus is forming harmonious aspects, and a rare meeting of hearts and minds can be achieved. Sex is spiritual thing for you, you are famous for being detached from from your own sexual energy. The ancient meaning for the word virgin, which as you know Virgo symbolizes, meant any woman not owned by a man. There were actually 3 different ones, one being the " sacred whore" .
Now we know theses ancient word and phrase meanings can have different meanings than they would be today. I am not calling you a whore, infact you are quite the opposite and could use some whoring around ( safe sex goes without saying ) and some loosening up in general when it comes to your social life. According to Venus this is your month! 
In general this will be an upbeat month and you will have some moments to shine. Watch out for misunderstandings in the middle of the month, Mercury redrograde always does this, " resistance is futile " so be prepared, there is passion in your relationships, there is passion in your career, but there is an energy vampire in your midst who can cause you must distraction and bring out the worst in you.
All the planets in Pieces, the money planet forces you to look at your finances much closer. The devil is in the details so double check all important transactions. Then Mercury comes direct bringing you into concious awareness, you may feel flirty and the universe is giving you permission to do this but beware of impulsive behavior you may later regret, Aries is in the house ( the horndogs of the zodiac ) does this to all of us, so don't be ashamed we are all ( hopefully ) human.
     Libra rules relationships and makes the full moon on the 27th a eye opener for you, you may find yourself asking " Am I satisfied with my relationship sexually? " Is this the right person for me?" you may even ask your self " How did I get here?" 
Hang tough Virgos, gaze at those beautiful eyes in the mirror and say " I'm medium gorgeous, I'm almost famous, and gosh darn it, Xana loves me! 
( works for me )

Here is your song for the month                                             Yours Truly, Sancho

Jack Black is a Virgo

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