Tuesday, February 26, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope For Pisces

                     A Mermaid found a swimming lad
                 Picked him for her own
                 Pressed her body to his body
                 Laughed, and plunged down
                 Forgot in cruel happiness
                 That even lovers drown
                                                            William Butler Yeats 

               Happy Birthday Fishies! Get ready to burn through every obstacle in your path because you are on fire this month! There is never better news than being financially flush, it's right in the handbook, Hollywood rule no. 1, there's no such thing as an ugly rich guy. And who could resist these lovely, mystical and compassionate beings, especially when they are sharing the wealth, this month, the plans you have had to put off in the past, you will have real support in making a reality. The new moon on the 11th is your new best friend, right in the center of Mars and Venus, this is a strong indicator that 2013 is going to be a great year for you. Maybe you didn't have the time or energy or resources, but that is about to change. You are an incredible sign for manifestation, your a money sign, your ancient ruler-Jupiter the ruler of abundance, and your modern ruler is Neptune, telling you " If you visualize it, and dream it,  it will be. Use this new moon to make things happen. If that's not exciting enough Mercury comes out of it's dark hole of despair, it is also a planet of resource, that in direct alignment, gives you the green light to apply what have learned to make all this happen. Some of you are already feeling these changes, your creating wealth, and creating wealth for others, and to think you owe all this to Saturn! Eliminate distractions so that you can make room for new relationships and the creative new people that will be drawn to you. Even if it a painful goodbye, the show must go on! The future is determined by the choices you make today and the universe is saying " The World Is Your Oyster" so enjoy! And if your in Seattle, Salty's is right down the street from me if you want to share the wealth with a very poor Capricorn!
         Here is your theme song for                                                                  Yours Truly, Sancho
                 the month, Pisces

Kurt Cobain was a Pisces

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