Tuesday, February 26, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Leo

                            Cruelty has a human heart
                            And jealousy a human face
                            Terror the human form divine
                            And secrecy the human dress
                                                         William Blake

You lusty Leo's! Dreaming of that exotic place again, no doubt with that supreme confidence, too bad everyone and their dog either owes you money or promised work.
Lucky for us all the sun, Mercury, Neptune, hell all the money planets are gonna save all our asses this month, for you its about getting payouts on investments or money promised to you, a family or friends income that you count on for support needs your attention although you will get the support you need, its always a bummer to have to ask for whats owed to you, a real buzzkiller for you since your simply trying to wrap up one chapter of your life, one you have been patiently putting off careless fun times for the rewards of helping others, but don't worry your still getting laid this month ( Like you needed to hear it from me-horndogs! ) This moon is gonna be a doozy too, so you must be prepared, Pluto and Uranus are giving you a phychic message to, and Pluto don't play yo, I'm telling you, your health comes before anything, practice better self care, you have to ask yourself these questions to truly accomplish your goals, How is your personal foundation supporting your goals? Does your lifestyle support what you really want to do in the world? Are your work habits and health habits working for you to accomplish your goals? And what is the secret to life and the universe? Ha! Just teasing you, you get the point, you greasy hamburger eatin' soda drinkin' whisky drinkin' chain smokin' fools ( you know who you are ) Get with the program and get healthy, Pluto wont take no for an answer, and it gets worse, you are being asked to reinvent your relationships ( thanks alot Libra ) old ones may need to  go as new ones come flourish, watch out for the emotional vampires that remain in your life ( this means you, mom ) power struggles, guilt trips, jealousy you name it you will be just a few of the challenges you will will face. All those are the negative aspects of Pluto, I know I hate him already too, that bastard Pluto got me good last year, Leo, you must own your power, love yourself more than the need to keep people in your life that drag you down. Oh, my poor Leo's, take Freddie's advice! you have got to break free!

Yours Truly, Sancho

Jerry Garcia was a Leo

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