Wednesday, February 27, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Gemini


 I have come, alas, to the great circle of shadow
to the short day and the whitening hills
when the color is all lost from the grass
though my desire will not lose its green
so rooted in it is the hardest stone
that speaks and feels as though is were a woman
                                                    Dante Alighihiere

Your determination to better your lot is admirable and you will be duely rewarded, but by no fault of your own,  things may not go according to plans. Mercury retrograde does have a tendency to do this, none of us can completely control our environment.  Venus combining Mercury urges you to realize you have created the dependency you have on others. You may have no choice but to put some stuff on the back burner, forcing the issue would be a big mistake, as impossible as it sounds, you have to be smarter than a planet millions of years old! You are encourage to back off even of you have to do your best acting, alot of people are having to sit tight while jobs are not plentiful. A career change is something you may consider or even a possible unexpected move. These sudden moves in your routine may involve new friends, people who are dramatic, exciting and make you look at life in a whole new way, the rebel in you will be up for just about anything! You know deep inside that your reputation, legacy and career are something that have needed a facelift for a very long time!

here is your theme song for the month                                     Yours Truly, Sancho

Prince is a Gemini 

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