Thursday, February 28, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Capricorn

                 Morning dream of a lost monkey
                 Born and muffled under old whimsies
                 With rose leaves in closed jars
                 Fear and the monkey
                                                    William S. Burroughs     

The saying loose lips sink ships will have a whole new meaning for you if you are not factual and totally clear of what your intentions are, remember Pluto square has been affecting everyone, the link between the sun and your 3rd house will your house the house of communication will have you absorbing up every possible sensation from music to cinema, but while your enjoying the show, beware! There is possibly someone who is not being as forth coming as you would expect them to be and may even have a hidden adjenda.  Just be careful what and who you share personal information with. 
All legal matters and arrangements should be crystal clear. You are almost sure to have conflict with loved ones or someone you live with ( sorry, don't kill the messenger- blame Pluto -and the monkey if you must! ) 
Merge your emotions with your thoughts as Mars moves into the middle of the month, this impatience can reach a burning peak, you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma, your supporters may not truly understand you as you though they did. Don't waste your time with people that can't stick to the script, you know you can't change anyone nor do you have the patience to.
Capricorns are going through an intense spiritual awakening and there's just nothing you can do to make others understand, so do not be derailed by anyone!
Pluto is expecting you to clean house and only interact with those that resonate with you in every way. Personally I think Mercury the planet that makes us all take a way too long nap, is just as responsible is Pluto, basically the " sloth demon" may have gotten the best of you, but you have been learning and creating, so keep that up, just keep it real and try not to piss anyone off! 
Especially the hands that feed you, be grateful and humble.
Aries, the planet of unpredictability tends to make us all act irrationally, be careful, you can do anything you can put your mind to, don't waste your time with meaningless flirtations, hold out for something more special...." Patience, grasshopper" love yourself more than the need to keep unhealthy relationships in your life that no longer serve your goals and have possibly held you back. The Libra full moon on the 27th will allow you to reinvent relationship and let go to make room for more positive people in your life. Seek out positive minded people and that is who you will attract, and for God's sake, stay away from those Half Ass Monkey Boys!

Here is your song for the month                           Yours Truly, Sancho

Andrew Wood was a Capricorn

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