Thursday, February 28, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Cancer

              Summer nights and long warm days
             Are stolen as the old moon falls
             Mirror shows another face
             Another place to hide it all
             I'm lost behind the words I'll never find
             I'm left behind as the seasons roll on by
                                                           Chris Cornell

    What can I say Cancer, you life has been a roller coaster this year. One minute bliss, the next hell on earth. Where is the love? you may ask yourself.
The word " bamboozled" will be forever ingrained in your head when you think of 2012.
 You will get the chance to spread your wings and Pluto, the bastard planet that's screwing everyone else over this month, is actually going to assist you. The lovely new moon o the 11th invites you to be brave, break free from your comfort zone, of course letting your hair down to you may mean going to the a new book store, this will not do cancer! The universe is demanding that you let down your guard and be open to new experiences. 
Mars in the middle of the month gives you the confidence to make the changes you have been asking for in all areas of your life, but Mercury really screwed you over last year, the tricky affect is has on Cancers  is  like a fish slap from the universe saying , " Wake up! " this could take you months if not years to get over. This is siginificantly affecting your family relationships and has also been affecting  your financial aspects since that bastard Pluto came into play. You have not seen such a difficult  time in years, magnified by failed relationships, personally and professionally. 
It seems that you are back on track with work, the sun in Pieces saves our ass and will bring the money flowing again ( Pieces is a $ sign ) the only problem is your need may not be being met and you may have outgrown the role you once played. You may even change your mind about being back in the same field. You will certainly feel stifled and yearn for something more creative, something more " you". 
The full moon winds of change are blowing strong influenced by Libra on the 27th,  the cosmic message is telling you to accelerate and innovate your skills. Hang in there Cancers, rise above conflict and remember the summer is around the corner, be strong while the seasons roll on by....

Here is your song for the month                                 Yours Truly, Sancho

Chris Cornell is a Cancer


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