Wednesday, February 27, 2013

0 March 2013 Horoscope for Aries

                     On the beach at night alone
                     As the old mother sways her to and fro
                     Singing her husky song
                     As I watch the bright stars shining
                     I think a though of the clef
                     of the universe and the future
                                              Walt Whitman
         Humans can be so disappointing. As March begins, you will need to clue in to all that's going on around you. Karmically you may have a debt to the universe, it could be as simple as you have been a little lazier over the winter, and are now reaping what you sewed, an accidental weight gain or unfinished projects and commitments on your end will come back to haunt you, so do not  be over sensitive to constructive criticism, take responsibility for your part- this too shall pass. Also your expectations of others may just be unrealistic. If you feel let down or deserted, it probably isn't the first time these same people have broken promises. Aquarius is who you have to blame, by the way, so don't blame the moon, the moon is your friend this month, because despite work or home life, there does seem to someone very special drawn to you, keep the upper hand though and be careful,  it may be someone in your circle, be careful that someone is not attached! The stars are letting you have some fun this month ( Party Time, Excellent!) Just do it responsibly, clean safe fun remember! Neptune has more influence at the end of the month and the sun in Pieces is telling you to use any down time to baby yourself and prepare for your birthday next month, when you will really need your energy, you know what I mean? * wink wink * Don't worry my little rams, soon you'll be feelin' good...

Here is your theme song for the month                                    Yours Truly, Sancho


 Billy Holiday was an Aries

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