Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Gemini - February 2013

Gemini - February 2013

You know that saying, timing is everything? For you this month nothing could be further from the truth!
In regards to business, Jupiter the planet of fortune hangs in there with you, but you must take the initiative. Your tendency to spot trends can be lucrative but don't just talk about it, you must do it! The need for change may hit you mid month but be realistic, if its can't be achieved without extending yourself to others, then you haven't thought it out well. Is someone flirting with you? You do have an admirer! the new moon is giving you that wish- you didn't ask for true romance, so take your 9 1/2 weeks and run with it! There's a mystical air in the sky, connecting us all and asking us to tune in if we want to so tune in, Gemini!


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