Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Cancer - Febuary 2013

Cancer - February 2013

If Cancers had a sense of humor, this month they'd say " If I wanted to see Pulp Fiction I'd rent the DVD!"
Have you had it with your own shenanigans yet? Have you had it with others? Then stop dreaming! The water sign that lives in the land of dreamy dreams got the Xanaland Fish Slap last month, ( literally, I'm afraid ). Your confidence is back this month as a lover and as you affirm this place in your life. You can reach some wonderful places especially around the full moon on the 10th, put off any big financial agreements until March when the fallout for past extravagances can be seen and dealt with responsibly. Until then embrace music, embrace the one you love, embrace the madness you normally live through others to get- You know better now, right Cancer?


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