Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Aries - Febuary 2013

Aries - Febuary 2013

Feeling bouncy and hopeful? As cheesy as it sounds, you really may have a " surprise encounter" minds out of the guttter, it could be many things,
but it wasn't as random as it may seem at the time, remember to thank an Aquarius for the one good thing about this month for you, remember what Ricardo Montelban would say on Fantasy Island? " "But there is danger"...
This is where your month gets dicey, born to lead and one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac. You will want to be as social as you ever are, but you are urged to " proceed with caution" - don't kill the messenger, I did not design the galaxy! Blame it on Neptune! Relax, the new moon on the 10th will bring it all into perspective. Your most important consideration should be to clue in to whats going on around you, so pay attention. If your getting the feeling that your being left behind and not included in " stuff ", take a look at your own behavior, are you a good person? A good friend? A good lover? A good parent-family member? Think, Aries, Think! Use that big brain of yours!

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