Monday, February 4, 2013

0 Aquarius - Febuary 2013

 Aquarius - February 2013

Aquarius, your one of the only signs that is guaranteed to have a good Valentines Day.
You are leaping into 2013, your love life is just splendid, it's external disappointments that have you taxed at the months end, let me elaborate, there is a leap in your step, but beware of over indulging in this warm glow your in, don't go down that shadow side of this liberation, it could be your opening your heart to other worlds and possibilities, the sun is in your sign this month as you know, which is offering you inspiration and expansion through pleasure-you being an air sign-this is fabulous news, yet details that go unchecked will haunt you later so remember the devil is in the details, trust your intuition and set your own pace, your professional life will remain ambiguous until this summer, so relax, and enjoy the ride, just remain in control! Venus promises exciting communication that will leave you spiritually stimulated, with joyful and playful times that will benefit your being in every way....Happy Birthday Aquarius!

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