Sunday, January 1, 2017

0 Year of the Rooster is Here! Brace Yourselves Roosters, Here is What 2017 Will Bring for You

 I am alert 
Ready to take action 
The first on the scene 
The last to leave 
I take chances 
But I am precise 
I know where things belong 
I am orderly and fastidious 
Nothing escapes me 
I am always prepared
I never give up or in
...I am The Rooster! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

0 Quintile Aspect~ Creativity and Innovation by Hiroki Niizato

Someone asked me to write about thequintile (72 degrees) aspect. It is an aspect that has been associated with creativity – but what does that mean in terms of interpretation?
Noel Tyl’s working thesis is that if a horoscope contains many quintiles(let’s say 3, 4, 5 or more), the person very much needs a creative outlet – either as a profession or a hobby. Following this thesis, I’ve made it a point to ask clients “what is your creative outlet?” whenever I see more than a few quintiles on their horoscopes*.
Sometimes the people say they have no such outlet – but they aren’t very happy about it. Maybe they had a passionate love of writing, art or music that was suppressed in the course of development (parental pressure, saying it’s “not practical” etc.) The question then becomes, what can they do to start exploring their creativity again?
Morning pages (from Julia Cameron’s Artists Way) might be a good start – to pay attention to the small inner voices that tells us what we want.
Other times, the creativity is channeled into their current work (creating one’s own business, for instance.) Educating a child also takes creativity – so it doesn’t really have to manifest as a career in art, music, etc. Usually you can tell if a person has a creative outlet or not, because it tends to manifest as the feeling of being alive.
A tricky question: What if you don’t have any Quintiles?
Creativity is something that is within every one of us, so this obviously does not mean you are not creative. I have looked at several dozen horoscopes of people in so called “creative” professions, and am here to report that the number of quintiles varies quite a bit – zero through many – and it doesn’t have to do with how good of a musician, artist, or a writer you are.
So do not despair if you don’t have many quintiles in your horoscopes – the number of quintiles can never be an indicator of whether you can succeed at a creative profession. Most artistic horoscopes have emphasis on Neptune or Venus, andquintiles may never be involved.
Question #2: Does having many quintiles suggest that you are an innovator?
If a number of quintiles aren’t necessarily indicative of a creative profession, can it suggest how innovative (a variation of creativity) a person is? Here I’m getting mixed data:
  • Fashion innovator Georgio Armani has 4 Quintiles
  • Music innovator John Cage has 4 quintiles; Jazz innovator Miles Davis has 4quintiles, and innovative composer Igor Stravinsky has 2 quintiles
  • In a scientific realm, Albert Einstein has 4 quintiles; mathematician John Nash (featured in the film Beautiful Mind) has 5 quintiles
  • Auto business innovator Henry Ford (mass production concept) has 5 quintiles
  • Software entrepreneur Bill Gates has 4 quintiles, whereas Steve Jobs has only 1.
  • Writers commonly seem to have more quintiles: Jane Austin has 6 quintiles, Mark Twain has 4 to 6 quintiles (depending on birth time); George Bernard Shaw has 6; E.E. cummings has 4. William Butler Yates has 3 quintiles.
  • Walt Disney has 2 quintiles, and so does Pablo Picasso.

quintiles seem pretty average to me, but other factors in their horoscopes (Neptune etc) are certainly more pronounced in the cases of the giants mentioned above. As far as interpretations are concerned, my approach is that multiple occurance ofquintiles can be used to confirm the creative emphasis suggested in the rest of the horoscope, but cannot stand alone as a sole indicator of creative potential.
Question #3: How do we interpret the individual quintile aspect?
Quintiles are interesting in that they aren’t treated like a hard (challenging) aspect, but neither are they static (dare I say boring?) like the soft aspects. They seem to call for a creative resolution much as in hard aspects, but possibly without the ordeals of square or opposition.
Example: In the case of Sun quintile Neptune, the expression of core life energy takes on a very creative tone (both because it’s Neptune and it’s quintile) – but possibly without as much vulnerability associated with Sun square Neptune etc.

This is just a feeling that I’ve been getting by looking at the way quintiles are being discussed by other astrologers, as well as how they work in the vocational profiling. If you have any other thoughts or anecdotes I’d be glad to hear it.
UPDATE: Someone suggested that the other side of creativity could be things like problems with authority (i.e. not conforming to the traditional way of doing things), as well as not being able to think like others (which can lead to problems at work, etc). I also want to add susceptibility to chaos (see John Nash above) – one may see too many possibilities, and the mind may lose touch with the grounding provided by the traditional method of doing things (atonal Free Jazz, anyone? )
UPDATE#2:Yet another element of creativity is independent, original thinking: I had a client with 6 quintiles tell me “I do best when someone gives me an objective, and lets me make things happen on my own. If I had to follow a prescribed path, I do not enjoy it at all.” The innovators seem to have this in common, and we can see how this ability to “think outside of the box” would be very useful in the world of business, design, software engineering, music, etc.

As always, some people make the best use of their innate potentials more so than others. Pay attention to the entire horoscope to see what your best outlet for your creativity may be. If you happen to have a number of quintiles, great – enjoy using your creativity. If you don’t know what your creative outlet is, try a morning page – pay attention to the small voice inside of you that wants to try something new, or pick up something that’s old. The point of all this is for you to feel the joy of expressing your talent, so that you feel more alive.

*A (very) technical note for astrologers: When counting the number of quintiles, I do not use the asteroid aspects – as the number of quintiles will naturally increase the more number of asteroids you use. For the same reason I’d rather not use biquintiles – since by including them the number of the aspect quickly increases to make most horoscope appear “very creative” (hey, if that’s what you want to see, that’s okay too. For my part, I prefer simplicity.)

On the other hand, I count the quintiles to Descendant and IC, as well as South Node – since they are each part of an axis (ASC axis, MC axis, Nodal axis). In your software, include the 108 degree (tridecile) aspect if you want to count these aspects – but only count them in if they show up in the ASC, MC, or Nodal axis column in your aspect grid.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

0 Sanhco's Love Forecast For 2016!


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Sunday, July 19, 2015

0 Happy Birthday Chode Cancer!

If you're lucky, your rising sign or moon sign has spared you from the "Chode Behavior" that seems to affect many Cancers; but for some of you, it's simply that you were "born like this," and slowly over the years, it's gotten worse - you've developed into a seriously disturbed and sick human being. Can this be fixed? Well, let's see. Here are some of the traits of a "Chode Cancer." If you possess any of these traits, then you, my friend, are a first-class Chode Cancer!

Ha Ha Ha! As if I would waste my time writing your horoscope! Dream on, Chode Cancers! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

0 Taurus Horoscope For May 2015

This month begins with the sun in your sign joined with Mars. This wonderful combination would normally increase your drive and determination you get things done, and I hate to sound like Mr. on Fantasy Island but there is danger! The sun forms a transformational angle towards Pluto.   This could mean changes are about that could affect you deeply and emotionally. If you're the type of Taurus that is open to changes in this could be a good thing for you, but if the overwhelming restlessness that you felt throughout the year so far- actually for the last three years-has been something you found hard to embrace, and I encourage you to still be open, because some sort of evolution in your world is going to force the issue anyhow. Until this is sorted out, any other changes you try to make in your home to try to distract yourself or your family or to sugarcoat a deeper situation like re- decorating a room or re- painting your garage... any little thing like that- you're basically going to draw more attention to the situation that needs attention.  Hey don't kill the messenger, you wanted a big family now you got it ha ha ha ha! You're used to being more in control of your environment and you're known for creating an atmosphere thats very welcoming to your extended family and friends, but the reality is life isn't that perfect, you can always have the perfect home, the perfect life. No one at all times can be the perfect host or attend all the evnts that go on. Or go on all the trips were invited to. You also cant afford be whimsical about any other plans that may get in the way of this important issue.  For instance this is definitely not a good summer to go traveling! Taurus, If nothing else, this month can be spent planning on having an awsome fall and winter. Not everyone gets to play in the sun all summer. Some of us will just have to sit this one out. Lets hope things are loking up next month! 

For giggles! 

0 Virgo Horoscope For May 2015

Time to change has come and gone
Watched your fears become your God
Overwhelmed, you choose to run
Apathetic to the stunned 
you feed the fire that burned us all
No one plans to take the path that brings you lower
And here you stand before us all and say its over 
Its over 

Virgo Horoscope for May 2015 

Planets have been pushing you as of late to make some changes. Well those changes don't necessarily have to focus on your personal life they can also involve your workplace and career . Mercury your ruling planet is sparkling brilliantly with Jupiter, this suggest something you learn perhaps from someone that gives you a quiet word of advice- much to your advantage, perhaps  a heads up on a job opportunity or maybe  a good friend just simply giving you a nudge to stop procrastinating and get to work on some goals that you've had. It could also involve subtly mentoring somebody yourself. The sun can still see you rather restless and unsatisfied with progress.  Mid-month the moon squares up with the sun and this becomes your backdrop for the rest of the month. This means that you need to proceed in all of this with caution do not go about it in a helter-skelter way. Apply attention to detail The best results. Remember all this as your grumbling about unfinished tasks and commitments- stuff that you've gotten behind on- as your grumbling about doing this realize that you're actually about to take on more responsibilities! In the middle of this you may meet somebody that's like a breath of fresh air -Venus sometimes makes us look at other people that we already know with fresh eyes also! It's kind of a trick Venus likes to pull,  make you think you're suddenly in love with your best friend ,stuff like that!  Don't get derailed by this- it's just a phase . Slow down and develop these  relationships and develop these  goals - and don't be a chode - that's my advice! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

0 A Special Message for Capricorns for February 2015

If you're reading this, you may have had a very hard few weeks. You are a very practical person. Knowing yourself from an astrological perspective is keen to your success as a resident of planet Earth. The sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are affecting you deeply right now.

 Understanding the nature of this reality will help you be who you really are. You have been capable since an early age of taking on a lot of external stuff that isn't yours to deal with and the problem with that is that you end up taking life a bit too seriously.